Beyonce’s Lemonade Diet – Features and Benefits

Beyonce’s Lemonade Diet – Features and Benefits

Beyonce’s Lemonade Diet has got a lot of press recently after the singer claimed that she used the crash diet to lose more than 20lbs for her role as Deena in the movie “Dreamgirls”. Beyonce Knowles told a leading daily that she was aware of the fact that models in sixties were thin and she had to lose weight even though she loved eating. Losing weight instantly became even more important because they shot Deena at 16 and at 32 just 14 days apart.

What is Lemonade Diet?

Lemonade Diet is a simple diet plan were you drink only lemonade or water that contains squirts of lemon. You have to follow this diet plan for several days to detox your body and lose weight. Even though there are several evidences to prove that his diet can help you lose weight, there is little evidence to prove that this diet plan helps in cleansing your body. However, after Beyonce claimed to lose weight by following this diet plan, nothing has stopped lemonade diet plan from becoming popular.


Even though there are several lemonade diet plans that are circulating on the internet, most diet plans require you to follow a common theme. All plans require you to drink lemon water or lemonade for several days to lose weight. However, people have introduced some minor changes to make the lemonade tasty. For example, some people recommend that you add spices or herbs to change the taste of your drink. Some nutritionists are of the view that since Lemonade diet is a low calorie diet, you can increase your calorie intake by adding maple syrup or honey to lemonade.


When you follow lemonade diet, you drastically reduce your calorie intake which helps in shedding several pounds instantly. However, the weight you lose may just be the water your body sheds when it responds to drastic calorie restriction. You could gain this weight back if you stop following this diet plan.


Health experts are of the view that people who follow lemonade diet may feel happy or euphoric because severe calorie restrictions can bring about positive changes in metabolism. Some people can also experience spiritual uplifting, as many religions believe that fasting is necessary for spiritual enlightenment.

Side Effects

Even though you experience positive emotions when you follow lemonade diet, your body may experience a few uncomfortable symptoms when you proceed through this diet plan. Some of the side effects of this diet plan include dizziness, feeling of hunger and nausea. You may have to urinate more and may also suffer from constipation because your body is not able to adjust to the new diet plan.

Factors to Consider

Before you start trying lemonade diet, it is wise to consult your physician. Even though this diet plan can help you lose weight, it will not help in detoxifying your body. To cleanse the body of toxins, you must follow a healthy long-term diet plan that includes vegetables, grains, meat and unsaturated fat. Even Beyonce Knowles is of the view that people should not follow this diet plan unless it is absolutely necessary. So if you want to follow Beyonce’s Lemonade Diet, make sure you consult a nutritionist before following this diet plan.