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Trail End Trailer

Carla Caponetto Promo

Gabby Minuscolo Promo

Anita Gnomo Promo

Tony Gnomo Promo

The Soccer Nanny (Au Pair Kansas)

"One" Brown Mackie College

Bashing Joe Noh's Head In

Mermaid Makeup

Cheshire Sara


American Maniacs

Dome of Heaven (Selected Scenes)

CMGFX Traditional Makeup Demo Reel

Get Off My Porch

Fight Night (AKA Rigged)

Albino Farm

Last Ounce of Courage

CMGFX Effects & Practical FX Demo Reel

Shawnee Mission Kia 2011 Halloween Commercial

Change For A Dollar (Complete Film)

Karla Bauer "Rest In Peace, Mary's Lullaby"

Dylan Paul "Growing"

Change for a Dollar Trailer



The Battle for Bunker Hill

Mac Lethal "Heart of a Pig"

Lacuna Coil "I Like It"

The Only Good Indian

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