Lemonade Diet Recipe: Preparing a Formula that Actually Works

Lemonade Diet Recipe: Preparing a Formula that Actually Works

Lemonade diet recipe is the first step to fully appreciating and tapping into the benefits of the Master Cleanse program. It is a simple, practical and pleasantly economical way to enhance your body’s purification and detoxifying capabilities. It may seem like a long, complex and agonizing process but the ingredients are clear-cut and easy to obtain, and the technique to making the detox cleansers is delightfully easy.

What You Will Need

The first phase is making the lemonade itself. For a single serving, you will require:

  • 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice; get the fruit and squeeze it yourself as opposed to buying bottled stuff or using already squeezed juice.
  • 2 tablespoons of rich maple syrup; must be organic syrup, grade B which means it is free of Formaldehyde and other chemicals.
  • 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper finely ground; this is your usual red hot chili pepper.
  • 1 cup of pure water; use real spring water devoid of fluorides.

How to Make the Lemonade

Pour the lemon juice into an empty cup, add the maple syrup and cayenne pepper and mix well. Add the water, stir thoroughly and drink immediately. About 10 servings are needed per day for a minimum of 10 days, during which no other foods, vitamins or supplements will be taken. The lemonade is complemented by two laxatives; a salt-water flush made up of 2 teaspoons of salt added to a quart of pure water taken in the morning, and the typical herbal tea taken before bedtime.

How It Works

Citrus fruits, pepper, maple juice etc are common things you encounter every day and if you are wondering how this blend teams up to become a miracle worker, here’s how.

The point is to deny the body of any foods, and toxins of course, and stimulate automatic detox running on only those nutrients provided by the citrus and maple syrup. The lemonade diet works on the principle of eliminating all solid foods that introduce harmful toxins and excess calories to the body. The laxatives kindle essential bowel movement. The cleaning action of this combo flushes out toxins, cleaning every cell in the body including digestive tract, kidneys, muscles, joints, nerves, and blood vessels; thus the reason why many ailments disappear or subside after consistent lemonade detox. Although weight loss is not the primary objective, you will be happy to know that this 10-day fast sheds off a substantial amount of those extra pounds.

Before you jump head first into this program, consult your physician to evaluate how physically fit you are to take such as fast. Some enthusiasts report headaches and nauseas especially for heavy eaters and caffeine addicts, and vomiting and diarrhea when the laxatives set in. See the doctor if these or any other symptoms persist.


The fundamental benefit of this diet is reinstating the body from the immense stress and burden of toxins, and starting afresh with a more relaxed and clean body. Eradicating these contaminants is a slow but sure process. Losing weight on the other hand may be very rapid and just as fast, it can return if the right post-diet and lifestyle is not adhered to. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step; and an excellent master cleanse begins with the right lemonade diet recipe.