Makeup Effects
Makeup Effects

We use cutting edge techniques, supplies and airbrush to achieve the very best in makeup effects, and we often do it on-the-fly, on location, with no time or little budget. How do we do that, you ask? Well, take a peek around this site at all the different illusional techniques we have, coupled with our many years worth of collective experience and it's easy to see how we could pull off some pretty impossible-looking tasks.
For our effects makeup, we use a variety of of traditonal and guerrilla methods. We can plan, sculpt, mould, cast, and paint your monsters, wounds and prosthetics in advance or build the appliance right on the skin, on location. We can use silicone, latex, airbrush, watermelon vinyl, gelatin or wax to produce whatever it is your script, idea or director calls for.

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Makeup Effects
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