Adrian Caponetto

Adrian Caponetto
AKA Age, Old Age
Makeup - Airbrush Specialist - FX Makeup

Adrian is the 3rd eldest son to Colleen and has been around the industry since he was a sprout. He's always popular with the ladies, and his kind, pleasant attitude puts everyone at ease. Kids love him and crew departments fight over him because of his motivation, skill-set and stellar work ethic. He's just an all-around awesome guy, not to mention a professional chef.
He started his makeup career when he was about 13 years old. He's traveled all over the US applying airbrush temporary tattoos at amazing events, FX makeup at world-renowned commercial haunts, and makeup effects for several films. His first film credit came at 15 when he assisted Colleen with some fight scenes for Jonathan Dillon's "Fight Night". From there, his films resume has grown, including his first key makeup position at 21 years old on Patrick Rea's award-winning short film "Time's Up Eve". He's a pro with an airbrush, exceptionally skilled in effects makeup and pretty handy with glamor makeup.

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