Kendall Caponetto
Kendall Caponetto
AKA KenBob
FX Makeup - Airbrush Specialist

Kendall is the suave, polite, quiet guy and a favorite with all the kids. He's 2nd eldest son to Colleen and has been airbrushing and doing effects makeup since his early teens. He has a Zen attitude with an Alex Grey style, making him one of our most frequently requested artists.
Kendall has done a good number of hours on set and behind the scenes, both in film and in live productions/promotions. He spent most of his teenage years applying airbrush and effect makeup to hundreds of monsters at Kansas City's world-renowned commercial haunted houses, as well as airbrushing thousands of temporary tattoos at various events all over the US, and many hundreds of fresh-faced Juggalos at the 2004 Gathering. His first makeup film credit came at the tender age of 17 when he worked a few fight scenes in Jonathan Dillon's "Fight Night". He's a talented young man with a flare for finery and a good one to have in your corner.


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