Steve Hunter
Steve Hunter
AKA Stevie, Stevil, Weavil
Makeup - Airbrush Specialist - FX Makeup - FX Design - Fight Coordination

Steve has been around long enough to be considered blood by the family and a cornerstone of our crew. His theosophical sense of humor sets your mind on fire and when he & Jason work together, no one leaves without a laugh! He has a vast and working knowledge of physiology and fight coordination, as well as many years of hands-on training in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. He's an awesome instructor with a great understaning of realism, making him a stellar choice for any stage or film scrimmage choreography. His diverse knowledge of randomness and his keen sense of teamwork makes him an asset to any venue.
Weavil has worked effects and effects makeup in film, for live promotions and at Kansas City's famous haunted houses. He's airbrushed hundreds of Juggalos, bodypaintings, monsters, and tattoos, but he is most requested for his beautiful style in airbrushed glamour makeup.


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