Sara McClure

Sara McClure
AKA McSara
Makeup - Hair - Airbrush Specialist - FX Makeup

Sara has been a member of our crew since 2007, but went to school with Adrian from the time they were very young, so we've had her in our folds for a long time. She's a mover and a shaker, never letting much ruffle her feathers and her willingness to work is phenomenal. She's excellent with people, but kids take an instant shine to Sara, making her a regularly-requested artist by our clients.
Sara's skills are many. She's very handy with an airbrush, having applied airbrush and effects makeup to many hundreds of monsters at KC's commercial haunted houses and temporary tattoos to thousands of guests at various venues & events. She has several films to her credit, including makeup, hair and effects makeup for Alden Miller's "Aegis". She's a motivated young lady with the drive to make it happen and the skill to make it look amazing.


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