Michelle White

Michelle White
AKA Meeshee
Makeup - Hair - Airbrush Specialist

Michelle joined our staff in 2002 as an airbrush face painter at Arrowhead Stadium. She's one of the most layed-back people we have on staff and she's always easy with a smile, staying unruffled through the most intense situations. She's magic with makeup, hair and airbrush, and has several films with us to her credit including Albino Farm, Last Ounce of Courage and The Donor. She spent several years with us down in KC's West Bottoms during the Halloween season, at four of the biggest commercial haunted houses in the world, helping our crew of 7 artists put up to 300 people per night into FX and airbrush FX makeup- in 3 hours or less! Yes, Michelle is a gem we're happy she's stayed so many years with us!
Below you will find Michelle's IMDB (Internet Movie Database) resume, as well as a few pics...



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