Custom Stencils

Custom Hand-Cut Stencils

To proficiently airbrush anything demands a mastery of diverse skills, which includes the use of stencils in specific designs and various techniques. Good stencils are hard to find, so we've developed our own method of creating stencils to suite our client's needs. We have a treasure trove of over 300 different temporary tattoo designs, as well as custom logos, free-hand and full face-painting stencils. This means we can take your company logo and turn it into a custom piece of artwork, consistent every time it's applied. We often cut custom stencils for our clients and incorporate them into a body painting design, creating an advertising experience your audience will talk about for years! We can also airbrush your logo on your guests as part of your promotion and we often use this skill to create custom tattoos for film and stage. Whether it's over flesh or fabric, your logo looks awesome on actors, models and guests alike!
Each stencil design is computer-generated to perfection and individually hand-cut for exceptional detail. We use a .20 mil polyethylene plastic to insure durability and consistency, making our custom stencils a higher quality than anything else on the market.
Check out our Stencil Gallery for a few samples and examples.


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