Understandig The Basics of Lemonade Diet

Understandig The Basics of Lemonade Diet

Lemonade diet is a liquid monodiet designed to work with and complement your body’s own cleansing and detoxifying processes, and at the same time to effectively nourish your body. It is not a fast or a means to starve the body. It is often referred to as a fast, but the true definition of fasting is to drink only water and to starve the body for a given period.

Starting The Lemonade Diet in the UK

Prior to starting a Lemonade diet, it is recommended that you reduce, if not eliminate, meats and heavy fats from your detox diet. Adopting a vegetarian diet for a few days can significantly increase your metabolism, which will clear your gut of slow-moving foods. This will result in seeing a faster, smoother and more effective cleanse diet. It is also recommended that you cease the use of caffeine, smoking and other addictive habits. The cleaner body you start with, the better the results are.

During the Lemonade diet, you will drink lemonade made from clean water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, B grade maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Lemon juice  and cayenne pepper are said to break down mucus in your body and to help flush it out along with other toxins. Cayenne powder also raises body temperature (thermogen), so it is a good choice for those losing weight as it effectively burns off more calories. Using B grade maple syrup is important. Maple syrup comes in A and B grade. Contrary to popular belief, B grade Maple Syrup is the superior product over A Grade. It is much darker and is denser with nutrients. The fresh squeezed lemon juice and B grade maple syrup together give you the nutrition you will need to complete the cleanse. Don’t skimp on the syrup if you are trying to lose weight; you will need the calories to keep your metabolism from falling. You can find B grade Maple Syrup at any health or natural food store. Fresh squeezed Lemon Juice diet is recommended as its nutritional value is still high. If you use pre-squeezed lemon juice, at least try to stick to the nutritionally packed B Grade Syrup.

A lower Glycemic Index Alternative

Diabetics and those watching their G.I. may want to substitute something lower on the Glycemic Index for the Maple Syrup. Although B Grade Maple Syrup is high in nutrients, its G.I. often runs between 55 and 65. This shouldn’t present a problem for those who aren’t concerned about insulin spikes, but Diabetics and others watching their insulin may opt for something lower. Blue Agave Syrup usually runs between 30 and 35 and is a good substitute. Although not as nutritionally dense as the Maple Syrup, being only used for three days, it is a viable option. Likewise, Locust honey can be used and it often runs around 35 on the Glycemic Index but is much less common in stores. Agave syrup can be found in health and natural food stores along with the Maple Syrup.


The original Lemonade diet suggests a salt water flush to clear your intestines/bowel of debris. While this does work very effectively, it is an intensely effective laxative and is uncomfortable. But now, a lighter laxative is recommended. Your body works continuously to clean itself out and detoxify itself. With a lighter cleanse like this, we simply want to give your system a gentle nudge, rather than a shock. Probably the most effective and gentle laxative for this plan is a laxative tea, such as “Smooth Move”. You can find these at most any grocery store. Each night or morning you will want to sip a cup of hot laxative tea. The tea can have an effect very quickly so it is a good idea to drink it when you are going to be home for awhile.

After the Cleanse:

Coming off the lemonade diet properly is very important. For your body to begin processing foods correctly and efficiently, you need to rebuild the flora (good bacteria and enzymes) in your gut. This is the basis for good digestion. These nutrients help break foods down efficiently into usable micronutrients. In our modern society, with our horrendous eating habits, it’s not hard to see why our digestive flora is depleted. The natural state we should be in is somewhere around 75% good digestive flora and 25% bad (useless) flora. In the western world, the numbers are often reversed! Upon finishing your days of cleansing, your gut is far more clean and impressionable that it has been. Gently loading your gut with beneficial digestive flora at this point will help your digestion and metabolism.

A 3 Day Lemonade Diet Plan

  • First Day

The first day your food should consist of gently processed vegetable foods. Juices, broths and very light smoothies are going to be of the most benefit. Having a juicer would be helpful now. If you don’t have one, a blender can be used to make your own juices. A light tomato juice with a good mix of other green veggies will help load your enzyme pool. Most any vegetable juice will be beneficial, but try to avoid the starchy/sugary veggies such as beets and potatoes. Sugar is of no use to you during this stage and serves to promote breeding of the non-beneficial bacteria. Likewise with the broths, vegetable is best but a light, fat free broth will be nutritious. As for smoothies, use a light juice, such as apple or orange added to water and blended with crushed ice. If you want it a little smoother or creamier, a little yogurt, particularly Greek yogurt, will be very beneficial.

  • Second and Third Days

On these days, introduce your body to soft and nutritious foods and exclude meat and spices as much as possible. Meat is much slower to digest than vegetables and spices can upset your stomach, especially since your system should now be clean. Stick to foods like yogurt, vegetable dishes and fresh fruits. Again, don’t overdo the fruits yet, but with their dense nutrition, they will add to your healthful state.

After your third day, it’s ok to go about eating a normal diet. It is recommended that your take up and follow a healthy dietary lifestyle like that of the Mediterranean diet.

Some Tips and Tricks

If the cayenne in the lemonade is too much for you, try taking two cayenne capsules before each 8oz serving. You can find cayenne caps in vitamin sections of most stores, or you can buy empty gel capsules and make your own.

If you become bored with the lemonade, try changing up the flavors. Use limes or oranges instead of lemons or perhaps a mixture. For a change of pace, mix your drink sweeter or more tart or weak. Try making it extra spicy!

If you are short on time, make a jug of the lemonade ahead of time. Do not make more than one day’s worth at a time. The nutrients begin to weaken right away. Fresh is always best. Make sure to shake it up first before pouring.

Another time-saving tip is to make up a day’s worth (or one serving) minus the water. For a perfect lemonade diet simply shake the container up well and pour 2 ounces of mixture into 8 ounces of water and stir.