People Who Divorce Have a Higher Risk of Heart Attack

People Who Divorce Have a Higher Risk of Heart Attack

According to the recent study, that included more than 15.000 people, divorcees have the higher risk of heart attack. This is even worse among women, and they barely reduced that risk even when they get married again. Apparently, the chronic stress that is a part of any divorce has a long-term impact on the body. Between 1992 and 2010, during this study, 1 of 3 people divorced.

Some of them even several times. This proved that women who divorced, had 24% higher risk of heart attack, than those who stayed married. The figures are even worse for those who divorced several times. They have a higher risk of 77%. Men who divorced only once, had 10% higher risk, and those with multiple divorces had 30% higher risk of heart attack.

Some of the reasons why divorced people, especially women, have a higher risk of heart attack may be linked to psychological distress. Because it weakens the immune system, it increases the levels of inflammation and increase stress hormones. Another reason is linked to depression. Divorce is very problematic and tough for women. It is possible to reduce risk caused by increase blood pressure, by taking tablets, but there is no solution for the pain.

On the other hand, a loss of income isn’t related to heightened risk. Researchers recommend that friends are most useful in a case of divorce, and any women should get their support and help. This study only suggests that a divorce may increase the risk of heart attract, but further research is required. Maybe in the near future a divorce will be treated as the serious risk factor for heart attack.

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