It’s Not Just a Hair Transplant, It’s An Experience!

It's Not Just a Hair Transplant, It's An Experience!

The surgical hair restoration procedures are new talk of the latest technological era. The latest advancements of this successful procedure are giving fruitful results since the last decade. Over the years human being is busy to formulate new ways to facilitate human kind. The hair transplant has made life easier for many people and provided new hope to those who are distressful due to their baldness problems.

Historical Perspective

There was a time when surgical hair restoration procedure was a hysteria that has a notion of very painful treatment. If we talk about the traditional methods such as the strip harvesting techniques, the procedure is a bit invasive but is painless. No doubt, this traditional method formed the basis of modern procedures of permanent hair restoration. The advancements run constantly with time to stay with the latest standards and best practices.

What Is A Hair Transplant?

The hair transplant in Dubai is not just a treatment to re grow your hair, but it’s totally a new experience. Having a familiarity with the aspects of this procedure gives you an in depth knowledge, as for how this sophisticated procedure works. Our hair is made up on the very strong foundation that nurtures itself with good health of the scalp. A healthy scalp is the one that can produce healthy hair.

Rising Problem of Hair Loss

Scalp problems are very common nowadays. Both men and women are affected with different problems everywhere in the world. Baldness and hair thinning is the very common phenomenon among this problem. In short, it’s a never ending complaint of many people and the reasons and possible causes behind this problem can differ person to person.

Hair loss or baldness can happen for many reasons, such as poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, genetic hair loss, autoimmune diseases, skin infection, thyroid problem, hormonal imbalance, stress/anxiety or any other underlying health problem. One way to get the diagnosis better is to consult a good doctor who is an expert in dealing with hair loss issues. The treatments differ from person to person according to the hair loss type. Mostly the problem of pattern baldness issue is prevalent among people.

Which Treatments Is Effective?

Many prescription FDA approved medications are available, different for both men and women. That can be one remedy for hair loss but the catch is for you to keep on using them and then they take effect. The medications are effective for the initial hair loss or hair thinning. The experts can refer your medications for the initial hair loss stages or can be given to supplement the surgical hair restoration. Furthermore, the medications have their certain side effects that can’t be neglected.

Why Hair Transplant?

The hair transplant in Dubai is the only treatment that can save you from baldness permanently. This treatment is effective for both men and women and has treatment for every kind of hair loss. Especially the pattern baldness in both men and women can be only treated by a surgical hair restoration. The procedure works basically as the relocation of healthier grafts from the donor site to the recipient site. But the techniques may differ according to the hair loss density and the suggestion by your trichologist.

What Makes It Best?

During the actual procedure, the patient is required to be relaxed, and every possible service is provided to keep the patient fit and relaxed. The good clinic provides entertainment facilities like TV or movies along with refreshments. As it is a process of the whole day, so every possible step is taken into consideration that is necessary to make this treatment smooth with excellent outcomes.

  • The hair transplant is more than just a treatment.
  • It’s a whole new beginning of new you because it totally changes your personality to the positive side.
  • It’s just like the domino effect, when you get your beautiful hair back it automatically boosts you up.
  • Your self-confidence is raised.
  • The entire process from the consultation towards the end of procedure revives your persona as well as your hair.
  • Totally natural treatment that is exempted from any chemical usage.
  • Your own healthy hair is used for the transplant.
  • Certain treatments techniques like the FUE hair transplant in Dubai has the advantage to consider donor area from any part of the body, other than the scalp.
  • The treatment is painless because all of it is done under the local anesthesia.
  • During the treatment, the patient is in his full consciousness and the patient’s concern is taken into full consideration.

Immediately after the treatment, you will see the mirror to see how it looks, and it certainly not with good hair all grown up on your head. The grafts take the time to recover and after 2months you are going to see the actual results. Moreover, the result is permanent, and you going to love it. The point is at the end of the day, would you feel any discomfort? No, you will actually leave the clinic smiling because you know that the things are going in the right direction.

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