Resolutions: Diet And Exercise

Resolutions Diet Exercise

Why do we always take the assumption that diet comes first and exercise comes second?

Is it because we have a natural tendency to place things in alphabetical order?

Do we just believe all the hype that our New Years resolution to lose weight is entirely dependent upon strictly following some prescribed starvation plan?

Am I the only one who sees this as self-defeating?

Why are we focusing first on the negative?

This year, I’m changing it around.  This year, it’s going to be Exercise first, then, only after we have positively engaged in a quality exercise program, will diet come into play.  By focusing on the positive of “adding” exercise to your lifestyle first, there is less of a subconscious feeling of losing something.  This subconscious feeling of loss is a lot stronger than your conscious “will power” to stick to a restrictive diet program.  In fact, we will even be considering any type of restrictive diet program that forbids eating any types of foods.  They just don’t work for the long term.

Sure you can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks by only eating the Styrofoam peanuts from your Amazon orders, but it is not nutritionally sound or even really safe.  Besides, you will need to buy a huge jar of fiber.  Once we get to the point to discuss diet, you’ll see what I have to show you is truly remarkable and cheap too.

So, back to the positive of adding before the negative of taking away.

Let’s take as an assumption that you do have some extra padding around your body somewhere that you would like to be rid of.  First, change your mindset away from the negative.  You’re not getting rid of anything, you are adding.  Always think in the positive.  Always adding, never subtracting.

We’re going to add an effective exercise routine that is fast and simple to our daily rituals that will construct and sculpt the physique we desire.

See?  We’re not losing anything, we’re gaining.  If it results in us coincidentally being lighter, then that’s great, but just being lighter isn’t the goal, is it?  Nope, the goal is to build that stunning physique that turns heads.

In fact, for some, building that physique will result in a weight gain.

So for now, take the batteries out of that digital bathroom scale.  Push it far under the sink and forget about it.  It is not important to measure the effect of gravity on your body mass.  It is important to construct the over-all body shape you want.

From now on, gravity will be your friend.  Gravity will no longer be your enemy by telling you how strongly you are pulled down; you will use gravity to push yourself upward (many many times).  It will help you use your body mass to expertly sculpt muscles into that sharply defined and fit look that you see in action movie heroes.

How do you achieve that look?

Where can I get the stuff I need to do this?

The answers to both questions is HERE.  And you don’t even need a gym membership if you don’t want one.

All of our workouts and training routines can be done virtually anywhere and with virtually no equipment.

So get started now, and add to your life!